Here's my SoundCloud.

Here's a subsite with six of my older tracks: It's an older site, so it might not be the best user experience.

What the hell is up with sounds? And why are some of them so nice to listen to?

My journey with music started when my parents enrolled me in a vocal class at an unusually young age.

As luck would have it, even with my proclivity for immense vocal talent, in my twenties, I lean more into the instrumental areas of music production. Original soundtracks for videogames like Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number captured the attention of many of my braincells (3), and I began to create synthwave and vaporwave music.

Then I found out about Playboi Carti and his specific subgenre of trap music. Not to say that his stuff isn't vocals-heavy, but the whole point of his music is that it sounds good (to some people), and not necessarily entirely legible to the human ear. That's fine. So I started making trap music.

Then it turned out that the soft music that always played in the back of my mind since I was a child was actually really really similar to jazz. I simply had to listen to the classics. So I had a long jazz phase that is still ongoing, and now actual jazz plays in my mind if I have the right food beforehand. Also entirely instrumental.

These days all I listen to is George Benson and Lil Hero and Boofpaxkmooky.

I will add links to these artist names and songs soon.