Red V4

Mar 22, 2022
Undisclosed location

Tagged: climbing

At the place I climb indoors, like many other indoor climbing institutions, there exists a rift between the community. Are these climbs graded properly? Are they being touted as harder than they are? Are some of them being marked easier for the purpose of humiliation and confusion? And so on.

One of the climbs I've been doing over and over again is a Red V4. It sits on an incline, starting out with a seated position. You switch arms on the next hold and then reach for a far hold with your left hand. Problem is, your balance is now entirely reliant on this arm because of this hold's height and distance. If you have a weak bone structure you might struggle on moves like this.

I got it the third time I tried it. Once you make the big reach move, there's an easy foothold to bolster yourself up. The top out is a little tricky because the final hold is beyond the direct eyeline, over the cliff. It's a good send.