Absinthe and Treachery

Mar 19, 2022
How's the weather in Patagonia?

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About a month or so into the new year, I saw this guy at the climbing gym with a massive paperback with him. He was reading between climbs.

Upon my inquiry, it became clear that this book, whatever the hell it was, had kept him at attention the whole time, and had even compelled him to bring it along. The book was called The Spy and the Traitor. I asked him if he would recommend it, and then watched for his reaction. He smiled and said he would recommend it. I added it to my list.

Fast forward to the middle of March, where I find myself in a tempest of grown-up tasks and responsibilities, and finally see that the book is available on the public library's catalogue. So I check it out in audiobook format, and started it on a Friday.

By Sunday, I was done. About 14-15 hours of gruelling, fast-paced espionage and what not! Too much fun I think. Now I'm on the third book by the same author! Whew.

Anyway, this was the first post I published after successfully connecting adding CMS functionality to this site! Courtesy of NetlifyCMS.