col⋅o⋅phon n. An inscription, usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication.

The site available for casual viewing. Pages are still being built and might break. (view the repo here)

Site Identity

  • design

Original wireframes / prototypes were developed using Lunacy. Site icon is my own design; browser-compatible favicons were generated using this site.

The primary sans-serif typeface is Work Sans by Wei Huang. The text has a 4.5:1 contrast ratio at Level AA or better, as specified by WCAG 2.0.

The serif typeface on the menu page is Libre Baskerville by Pablo Impallari. On the same page, the sans-serif typeface used is Lato, designed by Łukasz Dziedzic.

  • development

This website was engineered on an old but trustworthy gaming laptop (red). It is written in HTML, Markdown, Nunjucks, CSS, and Javascript. Styleguide here.

Eleventy is used for static page generation. Git is used for version control. Github is used to store the repository. This site is hosted on Netlify GitHub Pages.


I used VSCode for development; Chromium Nightly and Firefox were used for testing.

The site is riddled with all kinds of hidden artefacts. If you stumble across something odd that is not a typo, it was probably intentional.

Some resources I found helpful:

Test 404 page

This page was built using the base layout I made. Most pages on this site use the same base layout, which makes pages load faster. Read more about static site generation.