Week 51

Pre Christmas

image/svg+xml Openclipart Simple Horizontal Rule 1 2012-10-13T19:58:51 Simple horizontal rule designed to be used in a programme/ending of a chapter. Based on one seen in an out of copyright book called "The universe: or, The infinitely great and the infinitely small". https://openclipart.org/detail/172738/simple-horizontal-rule-1-by-nasfarley88-172738 nasfarley88 decoration horizontal rule
  • Finally finished a 100 books this year! Goodreads link: here
  • Watched a bunch of movies this week!
  • Johnny Cage's new movie is pretty Christmas-y and fun
  • More Jason Bourne books! This new series by Brian Freeman is quite exciting; I'm on the third book now
  • Christmas is coming up + I'm excited to sleep in
  • Bouldering is going well, I'm getting stronger and stronger, slowly and gently
Parth's Goodreads challenge 2023


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