Rush Hour

a poem for a commute

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Rush Hour

Moments between moments

One day at a time

Point A to Point B

Back to Point A

And then back to Point B

I try to understand it

The commute is long

The hours are so long, and so are the moments

I try to comprehend, to gain some insight

Bring a bit of perspective back home with me, maybe

The bus is huge; it's a situation

The drivers wave at each other; maybe they know each other

But then they always wave, and they smile sometimes

Rush hour, rush hour is coming to a halt

My feet fall in step with the rhythm of the road

And I can see my home in the distance

Maybe my home sees me too

Unsure, I wave to it, like the drivers do

What does it mean? Why do they do it?

Despite a response, despite an acknowledgement, they wave with blind faith

They don't really have to, but they do. They actually really don't need to

One moment, maybe half, to say hello, goodbye, see you tomorrow, thank you, I miss you

"I see you, I know you, I am here"

"I am here, too"

Before I know it, I'm home

And so is the perspective


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