The Running Man

Stepping, stones, food

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Earlier this fall, I was at a movie night with friends, we were watching the animated film Redline. It's amazing.

It was also the night I had procured, for the first time, a few packets of Takis in the brand new flavor. The Dragon Sweet Chili. It isn't half bad, and I found it rather tasty. Goes really well with some soda.

I ended up doing a cheeky little dance later on the back patio of my friend's house (I found out later she had been housesitting and it was, in fact, her friend's house).

This dance style is a part of the "shuffling" subgroup, and this specific move is called the Running Man. I like doing it whenever there is a lull in the universal din, or on a case-by-case basis.

I'm glad the person videoing me going just the lower half of my body, which is the most technically relevant part of the dance.

It's a bit dark due to the time of night, but here's the video (ignore the trailcam at the end):

The track is Housology by Dombresky (YouTube)


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