Tan V4

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image/svg+xml Openclipart Simple Horizontal Rule 1 2012-10-13T19:58:51 Simple horizontal rule designed to be used in a programme/ending of a chapter. Based on one seen in an out of copyright book called "The universe: or, The infinitely great and the infinitely small". https://openclipart.org/detail/172738/simple-horizontal-rule-1-by-nasfarley88-172738 nasfarley88 decoration horizontal rule

This one has a little tricky start too. You lean into the wall while flagging your right leg, and your left foot is balanced on the bottom of the route. Then you grasp the lip of the adjacent wall to help yourself stand up fully. Letting go of the wall lip, you now yank yourself to the next part of the climb, which is the crux. Ignoring one of the smaller holds, you can reach up and around directly to a nice jug hold, which can support your weight as you pull up the rest of your body over the top. A good send.



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