Among other things, Parth is a normal person.

I'm a web developer, documentation specialist, business analyst, a few other adjectives and roles, close confidante of the Round Table knights, freelance worldsaver, lentil enthusiast...

I have been designing and engineering UI solutions for over half a decade now, and received my Master's degree in 2021. Every year or so since 2017, my domain parth.ninja points to a fresh redesign of this personal website. Currently, this online project acts as a portfolio / journal for my unusually frequent adventures, and helps me practice web development.

I'm rather partial to audiobooks, as evidenced by my weekly checkouts at the local libraries. I live in Portland, OR, and work with a wonderful design studio as a frontend developer. View my code, work.

Check out my writing, or some of my art. Or read about my climbing exploits.

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